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To B or not to B? There really is no question.

Since discussion of which B vitamins to use occurs many times a day for me I decided to make it easy for my patients to find the one that I am usually recommending at this time. It has methyl b12, B6 and methyl folate along with other cofactors. The methyl folate is important for those who have the MTHFR mutation as utilizing Folic acid is not adequate. For women who are thinking of conceiving and are not sure if they have this mutation AND are not going to test prior to conception I would recommend skipping the usual prenatal form of Folic which is usually less than 1 mg and going to a form a methyl folate with a minimum dose of 5 mg. As a side note it is very easy to figure out if you have this mutation by having your primary order it or utilizing a home kit which usually will test using saliva.

The one downside to this supplement is that the b12 is oral not sublingual which means that if you are a poor absorber of this vitamin you may still need to have a sublingual dose and in some cases injections. There is an autoimmune condition that for some people is the cause of this problem but for most the process just does not work so well since it is somewhat complicated. The high doses of methly folate which are available without being extremely expensive, like some prescripton forms, makes this issue with the b12 minor in my mind. Adding a sublingual drop is not an issue.

This combination of vitamins can be helpful for children on the spectrum as it relates to speech/language, mood and for all patients as it relates to anxiety, OCD and mood disorders. If you have two copies of abnormal genes you have an increased risk of clotting/heart disease and taking folate lifelong is recommended to decrease the risk.

This is one of the only ones I have found that has high doses, comes in capsule instead of completely solid, is dairy and gluten free and has no artificial colors. The other nice thing is that patients can order directly without prescription and the cost is very reasonable and will likely allow you to consolidate your supplements.



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