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This article was written on 20 Apr 2015, and is filled under LisaRankin.

The Perfect Combination.


I think I finally found the perfect combination of products to support non-prescription weight loss. Mindless eating or carb craving are two of the biggest obstacles to losing weight and maintaining the weight loss. If appetite can be controlled then it becomes much easier to transition to a lower carb, less processed and more organic way of eating for life. Changes that are made must be forever not just until the goal weight is achieved.

I like the V shake because it is a source of protein that is not dairy based and has two ingredients that help with appetite control. Dairy is an inflammatory food no matter how you consume it and a common trigger for the immune system. It is one of the first foods to pull out when addressing any autoimmune, endocrine, rheumatological or gastrointestinal problem.

The EssentraTrim is an Adaptogen which is a substance that is able to support the adrenal gland and help with regulating Cortisol, which is a stress hormone. It is also a hormone that tells your body to store fat, not something most people are trying to accomplish.

The Control Instant Mix has a separate ingredient that helps control appetite called Appethyl and the mix is also non-dairy. Additionally it has close to a 1 gram of flax and the slim and sassy metabolic blend. Talk about multi- tasking.

You could mix the Control powder in with the V shake to make a appetite suppressing smoothie on steroids but it would be overkill. It would be more efficient to stagger throughout the day to provide support during the most difficult times of the day. I really see this combination being a great addition to my current Weight Loss Program as it will give me additional options for helping patients reach their goal without needing to compromise the goal of avoiding certain foods and prescription medications. Combined with a good exercise plan this will help many patients reach their weight loss goals.


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