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The Game Changer has arrived.


I have long been a fan of Telemedicine and it’s ability to improve access, decrease costs and provide more efficient and convenient medical interactions. I have been using online visits for more than ten years and I am very comfortable managing most medical visits when I am in a site remote from the patient. The two thorns in my side, as it relatess to these types of visits, have been the ability to listen to the heart and lungs and look at ears. I can ask someone else to tell me what they hear and very often that is sufficient to make a decision with a good history.

Very soon one of those thorns will no longer exist. There is finally a reasonably priced stethoscope which has the ability to transmit heart and lung sounds from the stethoscope and convert to digital and send to an app on my IPhone or IPad. I can be halfway around the world and hear a patient as well, and probably better, than if I was in the room. This means the only type of presenting symptom for which I still am not able to evaluate as fully as I would like from a remote location is ear pain. Considering that Otitis Media is often incorrectly diagnosed and treated I am still way ahead of the game with just the history that I get from the patient. There is no special training needed by staff to use this other than knowing where to place it on the back and chest. This tool  is a game changer for me as it now means there really are no limits on providing high quality medical care to patients no matter my location. All I need is my phone and my cerebral cortex, which is much more valuable than any piece of equipment.



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