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This article was written on 05 Jul 2015, and is filled under LisaRankin.

Talk about a multi-tasking essential oil


Talk about a multi-tasking essential oil. This is one that I did not utilize much when I was first introduced to essential oils. It did not come up when I was searching for oils that would be helpful for my son as it relates to anxiety, OCD, TICS and Hyperactivity.

I began to look at it in more detail after doing an evaluation for myself which was focusing more on medical concerns and less on issues that might traditionally fall under mental health. Lemongrass was the only oil that was flagged and when I looked at it in more detail I kept coming back to supporting the immune system and the parasympathetic nervous system. When I did the evaluation I had just gotten over a two week illness AND had just had a very frustrating day at work and was feeling very irritated and on edge. The parasympathetic nervous system helps slow things down and return to homesostasis vs the sympathetic nervous system which moves the body to a fight or flight situation. Being irritated and on edge is consistent with activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

After utilizing this oil for myself I realized it would be very helpful for children with special needs, including those with Autism and ADHD. They often exist in the fight or flight mode which makes it very difficult to settle down, focus on academics or get to sleep. I incorporated this oil into my Brain Mat Sensory Integration Kit and pair it with marjoram and joint compressions in order to help bring my son and patients into a more restful and peaceful state. Research on the use of this oil as I have discussed can easily by found in conventional medical literature.

The full set of 8 oils and information on how to use them can be found on my website at www.coastalintegrativemedicine.com under the link for oils and on the front page under Classes for Special Needs


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