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Keep Americans Great!

Independent, Self- Reliant,  Creative , Self-determinant…..these are some of the reasons America is so great and characteristics we need to embrace and maintain if we want to remain so. These are also traits I hope […]

Mar, 15

A Mind of its own

“There are so many things I did not have time to finish over Thanksgiving break…” That was the closing line of my internal dialogue before I drifted off into what I anticipated would be an […]

Nov, 30

Starting to connect the dots

        Irritable Bowel  Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia…….all disorders I “learned” were not real medical problems but were manifestations of mental health disorders in neurotic women. What the world of Integrative/ Alternative medicine […]

Oct, 26

And now…back to you Albert.


Aug, 07

Brain Mat

The Brain Mat™ is the culmination of years of work trying to create a home program that will address the needs of my patients and others in the most efficient and cost effective manner. For […]

Jan, 22


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