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Keep Americans Great!

Independent, Self- Reliant,  Creative , Self-determinant…..these are some of the reasons America is so great and characteristics we need to embrace and maintain if we want to remain so. These are also traits I hope […]

Mar, 15

Listen to your Mother.

Many of you are familiar with Apple Cider Vinegar as used in salad dressing or in cooking, but are you familiar with the unpasteurized/unfiltered version of this familiar product. This version has live beneficial bacteria […]

Oct, 20

Eureka Moment

Several days ago Riley, my 13 year old son, showed me a rash on his leg and his arm. As it turned out he had two ringworm lesions on his leg and one on his […]

Jul, 20

One less problem for Mom

Having trouble getting your child to eat those sugar coated omega 3 gummies that seem to be the norm or the Cod Liver oil that your Grandma used to give you? Do you recognize the […]

Mar, 30

Natural Appetite Suppression

Struggling to follow that low carb diet you know is the only way to lose and maintain weight loss? Not able to use prescription medications for this purpose OR more interested in a natural way […]

Mar, 22

To B or not to B? There really is no question.

Since discussion of which B vitamins to use occurs many times a day for me I decided to make it easy for my patients to find the one that I am usually recommending at this […]

Feb, 19

Brain Mat

The Brain Matâ„¢ is the culmination of years of work trying to create a home program that will address the needs of my patients and others in the most efficient and cost effective manner. For […]

Jan, 22


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