Dr. Lisa Rankin


This article was written on 04 Jan 2016, and is filled under LisaRankin.

Please take it personally.


Who doesn’t like personal service? From our Massage Therapist, to Hair Stylist to our favorite restaurant we all appreciate service that is tailored specifically to our needs and we are willing to pay for the extra time and effort it takes to achieve that level of attention to detail. Why is Medical Care any different? The repercussions of poor medical interventions are  much greater than a bad haircut, bad massage or tasteless meal yet there is an acceptance of inferior care driven by Insurance coverage.  That should not and does not have to be the case.

If I am not happy with the food or service at a restuarant I will make a decision not to eat there no matter how many times I am given the opportunity to eat there for free. The same is true for Medical care. I may choose to accept my Insurance mandated facility to get stitches for a laceration or treated for strep throat but when it comes to something significant that requires time and careful consideration above what any Insurance is willing to pay I am going to choose the VALUE  of my health above the COST of the interaction.

In Medicine today we have the capability of creating very personalized treatment regimens for things as complex as chemotherapeutic regimens to Biomedical Plans for patients with Autoimmune, Endocrine and Neurodevelopmental Disorders like Autism. Developing a personalized medical plan takes time and lab testing beyond what insurance companies are willing to pay, despite the obvious long term benefit of targeted interventions. This does not mean patients cannot access superior quality care, it just means they will need to step away from the constraints of their insurance mandates and be willing to place VALUE on their own health above the COST the insurance company is placing on it.


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