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Eureka Moment

Several days ago Riley, my 13 year old son, showed me a rash on his leg and his arm. As it turned out he had two ringworm lesions on his leg and one on his […]

Jul, 20 · in LisaRankin

Bringing Back the Blue

When a supplement has such potential you can’t help but talk about it. Originally intended to help support joint function I also discussed it’s ability to support immune system function as it relates to autoimmune […]

Jul, 12 · in LisaRankin

Talk about a multi-tasking essential oil

Talk about a multi-tasking essential oil. This is one that I did not utilize much when I was first introduced to essential oils. It did not come up when I was searching for oils that […]

Jul, 05

Brain Mat essential oils Sensory Integration Technique

Combining Essential oils and Sensory Integration techniques is a WIN WIN situation especially as it relates to children with special needs. It allows you to address some of the most common medical issues as well […]

May, 17

You are what you eat.

A good diet is crucial for achieving and maintaining optimum health. This is just as true for healthy children and adults as it is for those with any type of chronic medical issues. There are […]

May, 04

The Perfect Combination.

I think I finally found the perfect combination of products to support non-prescription weight loss. Mindless eating or carb craving are two of the biggest obstacles to losing weight and maintaining the weight loss. If […]

Apr, 20

MTHFR and COMT…..What do all these letters mean?

By now many of you have become familiar with the Methyltetrahydrofolate Reductase Mutation MTHFR and may have even been tested to see if you have an altered copy of this gene which affects the function […]

Apr, 14




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