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One less problem for Mom

orange flavored omega 3 essential oil blend.

orange flavored omega 3 essential oil blend.

Having trouble getting your child to eat those sugar coated omega 3 gummies that seem to be the norm or the Cod Liver oil that your Grandma used to give you? Do you recognize the importance of Omega 3 as a good source of fat for you child’s still developing central nervous system as well as its benefits as an anti-inflammatory? Have you finally conceded that neither you nor your child is every going to eat enough fish, not contaminated with mercury, to get it from your diet?

No problem. This omega 3 blend provides a combination of EPA and DHA that equals 1 gram with the added benefit of Wild Orange essential oil all in 1 tsp. You now have one less nutritional need you need to meet to get your child started on Healthy diet that will help prevent a multitude of chronic degenerative disease.


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