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One last Thank you


Dear Insurance Company;

I want to take this opportunity to Thank  you for NEVER providing any type of meaningful therapy coverage for my son with Autism. From the time he was one and was first officially evaluated due to low motor tone till now at the age of 13, you have provided no coverage for  Speech, Physical, Occupational or Behavioral therapy. I was definitely shocked when I got the first bill for therapy, when you did not pay, but no worries. I had watched the therapists and just did it myself. Threee times a day for 15 min I moved his body through the motor sequences  necessary to get from supine to sitting and then from prone to crawling. I forced him to stay in that crawling position and huddled over him as he crawled and respositioned him every time that weak core wanted to give out.  Once he mastered crawling it was on to walking and before you know it he had gone from not being able to sit up at the age of one, to walking at 18 months because of the work his  MOM did with him.

Up through second grade he did get some therapies at preschool, vpk and elementary but limited and usually in groups. Everyone was well intentioned but there was minimal impact. His biggest gains in speech came when he finally entered preschool and spent time around other children and during my  HOME use of the Listening Program which was not covered by you. Once he left public school in second grade and entered a private school any therapies provided by others stopped permanently.

I was not concerned at all. Since I had been so successful early on I just kept on overseeing his therapies. I became certified as an Interactive Metronome Provider in addition to the The Listening Program and he did these on a regluar basis. I also developed a hands on program for him that involved Hemispheric Integration, Primitive Reflex remediation, core strengthening, vestibular function, auditory processing and Sensory Integration. I also paid for and continue to pay for a home based reading program called Reading Plus which has helped tremendously. The other equally important piece involves playing sports from early on and significantly limiting electronic use.

The best part of this story is that my lack of coverage and the Inefficiency and Ineffectiveness of the current model of care led me to develop the Brain Mat Home Therapy System which is now a Trademarked product that allows parents to do exactly what I did for my son without having to involve you at all. This is all we have been using for the past year. It is so comprehensive I do not need any of the other therapeutic modalities I had  been using, with the exception of Reading Plus.  It gets even bettter.  This system is so easy to use and monitor that parents from all over the world can access it if they have internet access. No more waiting for a diagnosis, a referral, denial, reauthorizations every 3 months and so on and so on. Parents can recognize a problem and get started on correcting it immediately. It gets even better! Production, packing and shipping of the Brain Mat is going to be done local and employ adults with special needs. Talk about a win-win situation.

I can’t  thank you enough for preventing me from getting caught in the Insurance Mind Trap I see so many parents wallowing in. They change insurance constantly, pay very high premiums or choose crummy plans because they” have therapy coverage”.  This usually means once or twice a week for 30 min and 60 if they are really lucky. If their family schedule is busy or the therapist is sick they may only have a session once a week. If insurance changes contracts they have to find another therapist and start all over again and will go months without any interventions. Every 3 months time is wasted by shuffling paper back and forth between therapist and provider and a week or two may be lost all just to keep doing the same thing again. They drive all over creation getting back and forth to sessions and then waste 30 to 60 min waiting for their child.

I learned early on I did not need you for any of that. On my own I was able to make sure my son had therapeutic interventions 5 days a week and that he played sports from early on which enhanced what we were doing at home. His therapies did not interfere with other activities becasue they were done on my time not the therapy facility. I can progess his plan when I see he has mastered a skill and I do not need to consult with anyone. I was able to to do this, not because I am a Physician, but because I am a MOM who recognized my ability to help my son better than anyone else and who places a very high value on her time.  I am no different than any other parent who is committed to helping their child be as successful as possible. Again I thank you and my son Riley thanks you.


Lisa Rankin MD







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