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Natural Appetite Suppression

Natural Appetite Suppression

Natural Appetite Suppression

Struggling to follow that low carb diet you know is the only way to lose and maintain weight loss? Not able to use prescription medications for this purpose OR more interested in a natural way of controlling your hunger? You are in luck.

I am always looking for ways that my patients can transition to a low carb lifestyle which can be difficult in the first few weeks. There has often been a lifetime of overconsuming Carbs which can lead to a pancreas that is overworked and losing its ability to finely control glucose levels. This is a set up for the development of diabetes. Many patients fail in the first few weeks of a low carb diet because they are so hungry and they may even become hypoglycemic. If hunger and glucose levels are maintained it is possible to get past those first few weeks and train your body to function with lower carb intake. There are prescription medications that can be helpful but not everyone can tolerate them or they may be contraindicated. In this case they need to rely on a more natural way of curbing hunger pains.

I like to try out any regimen that I think will be helpful for patients before I recommend it. The combo of doTerra V Shake and the Slim and Sassy metabolic blend did provide significant appetite suppression without any side effects. I tried for 3 days and had same results each time. Since both products suppress your appetite it makes sense to stagger them to keep you feeling full all day. I even did something I do not normally recommend which is see how long I could go before I felt hungry and found that if I used these products I was not hungry and did not need to eat anything else. Generally you do not want to do that for long periods of time as it will cause your metabolism to slow down but it did confirm the effectiveness of the product and doing a modified fast once or twice a week is fine as long as the other days there is regular consumption of food.

I recommend making a smoothie/shake in am and for dinner and having a CLEAN low carb meal for lunch. Try and use the Vegan product instead of dairy based as dairy proteins can be trigger for inappropriate immune system activation. If you use Almond or Coconut milk and add in Peanut or Almond butter powder you can get some additionl protein and minerals. If you need even more calories add in organic peanut or almond butter. Avoid adding fruit in order to maintain a low carb regimen. This is a regimen that would even be fine for an adolescent to follow.


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