Dr. Lisa Rankin

Keep Americans Great!


Independent, Self- Reliant,  Creative , Self-determinant…..these are some of the reasons America is so great and characteristics we need to embrace and maintain if we want to remain so. These are also traits I hope to see in my children as they grow to adulthood. I don’t want them to expect anyone or any government entity to be responsible for supporting them as they make their way through life. If they need or want something out of life they need to reach out and get it on their own volition.

On this election day lets remember these ideals apply to all of us now and we need to walk the walk. Taking care of a child with special needs is expensive and we all need help whether it be financially, physically or emotionally. Lets not forget that we all have the ability to help ourselves and others with just a little effort. Instead of lamenting the lack of services or funds to cover those services do something productive to change your reality.

It requires minimal time and effort to create a microfundraiser for your local Autism Charity of choice. If 100 individuals sponsor a fundraiser that produces ONLY 200 dollars they will have raised 20,000 dollars together.  Because there are no t-shirts or prizes or space rental all of that goes directly back to the organizations that help your child locally. I challenge you to take the AUTISM AVATAR CHALLENGE  that I have made and use it to help your child and other children with special needs. As an added bonus it is a very effective and efficient full body workout that you can do at home, with minimal equipment and very little time. No more excuses!





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