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This article was written on 09 Feb 2016, and is filled under Brain Mat, coastal integrative medicine, LisaRankin.

In the name of science.


In my ongoing search for effective and reasonable alternative interventions for my patients I have embarked on another round of self-experimentation. Whenever possible I use myself (or family)  as the test subject before recommending to patients. This goes back to my start in medicine with the Atkins diet and includes not only diets but supplements, therapeutic interventions for my son, essential oils and now CBD oil. If I feel a particular intervention has scientific merit and very low risk profile I try it out to see if there is enough benefit to recommend to others.

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana but can also be extracted from Hemp which has a much higher percentage of CBD and minimal amounts of THC, which is the main psychoactive component.  One of the proposed benefits of high grade CBD oil is that it can provide anxiolytic effects. Because anxiety is a complaint I see across my spectrum of patients, from pediatric patients with Autism to adults with OCD and PTSD, I was very interested to see if there is the potential to use this natural substance instead of or in conjunction with other supplements and/or medications. After a few positive reports from parents using it with their children I decided to investigate further.

I ordered high grade CBD oil and began to think about different delivery mechanisms, keeping in mind that some of the users would be non-verbal children with significant sensory issues. Oral use is probably the most common but some children cannot swallow capsules and/or may not tolerate the taste. Adults can put it on a spoon, hold their nose and swallow but not so easy to get children to follow that lead. That brings me to nasal inhalation/topical application as a delivery system. Science supports this as an effective method and has the potential to decrease the amount needed for effect as well remove the taste issue. In order to improve the olfactory appeal I am combining the CBD oil with high grade essential oils which can also be used in the same manner. I have a strictly inhalation method as well as a direct topical application recipe under investigation. I have already tried and ruled out direct application of the CBD oil ( which has  consistentcy similar to neosporin) because it opend up by nasal passages a little too much and gave me a nice post- nasal drip. The smell and taste was pretty unpleasant and would not be tolerated by most. Cannot comment on affect on anxiety as I am not anxious but there were no negative effects noted other than post-nasal dripping. My family will be the guinea pigs today for my chemistry concoctions and will hopefully have some finished product in the office for patients this week.




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