Dr. Lisa Rankin

If you don’t like your Forest change your Trees




Make this phrase your new Health Mantra and use it to maximize your health and the that of your family. So much of what individuals put into the hands of Medical providers, Educators, Therapists, Counselors and so on is actually completely within their ability to do on their own. We have gotten into the habit of expecting these professionals to tell us what to do, how to do it and at times do it for us. We have lost the knowledge and ability to do for ourselves. This dependence on others leads to less than optimal health outcomes.

Alzheimer’s Dementia, a word no one wants to hear as it relates to  what is happening to them or to a loved one. The medicines provides little benefit and we have all seen the slow mental decline and behavior changes that are part of this neurodegenerative disorder. Researchers have shown there are genetic markers and susceptibilities but there is also a large environmental influence. Diet is important and research has shown that those that follow the MIND diet can have a significant impact on preventing Dementia. This diet is full of vegetables, only the berries as it relates to fruits, whole grains (Quinoa, wild rice, spelt), good fats, no dairy products and very little animal products, with the exception of intermittent fish consumption. Mercury free fish of course. Exercise, challenging cognitive activites, social interactions, a perceived purpose as well as certain supplements have all been found to provide benefit as far as preventing Alzheimer’s Dementia. Sleeping position, side sleeping vs on the stomach or back, seems to be beneficial and  the total number of hours slept also seems to be important. The thought is that it is during sleep ( on your side) that you may be clearing out some of the proteins that lead to the development of plaques that seem to be related to the clinical presentation of Alzheimer’s dementia.

WHAT???? It is only this very last piece of info that has made me take action as all the other interventions are already in place. As long as I can remember I have slept for 6 hours and felt fine, but I would also go months without dreaming. This meant I was not getting into REM sleep and potentially effecting the ability of my body to perform its housekeeping duties. Despite the fact that I did not want to lose those extra two hours  I decided to try and make myself sleep at leat 7 and possibly 8 hours. I decided to use essential oils first and made a combination of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lavendar and Vetiver as well as some fractionated coconut oil. I put all this in a roller ball and applied to temple, behind ears, neck and jawline one hour before I wanted to go to bed. Since day one of use I have been sleeping 7  to 8  hours and dreaming nightly. I actually start to get tired within 15 to 30 min of applying the oils.  The first intervention worked great and I now share this with all my patients.  I did not like my forest  (increased risk of  Alzheimer’s Dementia based on gender and lack of sleep)  and now have done all I can to change the trees.


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