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Doc in a Box

While Doc in a Box is not usually a positive description the doTerra Family Physician Kit is an exception to the rule. It has several single oils and blends that can be used to address the majority of issues of a family with children. This includes sprains, cuts, bites, local skin infections, cough, colds, sleep and tummy troubles.

Just last week we helped out a friend who hyperextended her knee while playing basketball. Pain, swelling and limited ability to flex and extend were the result of the injury. Rest, Ice, Elevation and application of Deep Blue several times a day was the treatment. A week later she returned to play and smoked the other team.

If you keep fractionated cocconut oil, veggie caps and roller balls on hand you increase the utility of the oils. So toss all those crazy OTC meds, especially since most of them are not recommended for kids under six, and replace them with something the whole family can use.

Family Physician oil kit

Family Physician oil kit


Deep Blue essential oil blend used for musculoskeletal issues

Deep Blue essential oil blend used for musculoskeletal issues