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Countdown to Kickoff

For those of you following the 21 day Clean protocol you are two- thirds of the way into it. Superbowl Sunday is your end point. Even if you are not able to completely stick to the regimen you should be feeling pretty good and should have experienced some weight loss, even though that is not the main intent.

The goal is to give your digestive track and especially your liver a break. It works 24/7 to take what you eat and drink and metabolize it into a form that can be excreted in a non-toxic form and it can only work so fast and needs certain substances to be able to do this efficiently. Some of the things we consume have middle products of metabolism that are somewhat toxic and if they are not quickly moved into the next phase of digestion it can have negative impact on health. If we overload the liver with prescription meds, alcohol, and even tylenol it can deplete the detoxification system and some other processess get neglected or happen much slower than they should. By taking the three week break and providing all of the precursors your liver needs to work efficiently it is like sending your liver to the spa.

The other thing we accomplish is to give the immmune system a break. Your first line of defense is your GI tract and if it is not in the right balance energy is wasted trying to “clean up the mess” instead of providing protection as well as producing neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. A messy gut is a Leaky Gut and this becomes the set up for the foods you eat to inappropriately stimulate your immune system because they are absorbed before digestion is complete.

An overactive immmune system is NEVER a good thing and is the basis for a myriad of autoimmune disorders including Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowl disease, Multiple Sclerois, Thyroid disease, Psoriais, PANDAS and the list goes on and on. At times the immune system is triggered by an infectious agent, environmental exposure, severe stress or the foods we consume. If we look at these types of disorders we see a signicant increase over the past 50 years. The increase in our toxic exposures, chronic stress and unhealthy diet are playing a role in this increased incidence.

The Clean protocol removes all the different foods that have the potential to be a trigger and allows those with underlying issues to begin to feel better and recognize what needs to be pulled out indefinitely. While the strictness or the regimen does not need to be followed forever it only makes sense that if you feel better when certain foods are not consumed you would maintain that restriction. It also makes sense that even those of us who may not have a diagnosis would recognize the important role diet, stress, environmental exposures play in our overall health and work to ensure that we keep things as CLEAN as possible most of the time and make sure we are providing our GI tract the necessary tools , in the form of supplements, to work as effectively for us as possible.

Once you have accomplished getting to the 21 day mark a good ongoing plan is to pick one day a week to follow the more strict regimen in addition to eating as clean as possible the rest of the time.

To learn how Essential Oils can be incorporated into this protocol please join us tonite in stuart or tuesday in port saint lucie to learn more. This is an ongoing series that is posted online if you are not able to attend in person.

Guide to Essential Oils

Guide to Essential Oils



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