Dr. Lisa Rankin


Keep Americans Great!

Independent, Self- Reliant, ¬†Creative , Self-determinant…..these are some of the reasons America is so great and characteristics we need to embrace and maintain if we want to remain so. These are also traits I hope […]

Mar, 15

In the name of science.

In my ongoing search for effective and reasonable alternative interventions for my patients I have embarked on another round of self-experimentation. Whenever possible I use myself (or family) ¬†as the test subject before recommending to […]

Feb, 09

Please take it personally.

Who doesn’t like personal service? From our Massage Therapist, to Hair Stylist to our favorite restaurant we all appreciate service that is tailored specifically to our needs and we are willing to pay for the […]

Jan, 04

A Mind of its own

“There are so many things I did not have time to finish over Thanksgiving break…” That was the closing line of my internal dialogue before I drifted off into what I anticipated would be an […]

Nov, 30

The Game Changer has arrived.

I have long been a fan of Telemedicine and it’s ability to improve access, decrease costs and provide more efficient and convenient medical interactions. I have been using online visits for more than ten years […]

Nov, 23

Not just a combat disorder

Although most people have heard the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD) it is a misunderstood medical condition. It can occur after experiencing or witnessing a life- threatening/ potentially life-threatening event. This can include […]

Nov, 15

Wake up and smell the truth……again.

  Hard to believe that not that long ago Physicians were actually part of the marketing of cigarettes to the public including the concept of smoking while holding your child and using them to maintain […]

Nov, 02


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