Dr. Lisa Rankin

Brain Mat

And the Noses have it…..

    Have you ever smelled something and then had a flood of memories releated to that smell? Most of us have experienced that and for good reason. The olfactory bulb which is the sense […]

Sep, 23

One last Thank you

Dear Insurance Company; I want to take this opportunity to Thank  you for NEVER providing any type of meaningful therapy coverage for my son with Autism. From the time he was one and was first […]

Sep, 08

If you don’t like your Forest change your Trees

    Make this phrase your new Health Mantra and use it to maximize your health and the that of your family. So much of what individuals put into the hands of Medical providers, Educators, […]

Aug, 24

And now…back to you Albert.


Aug, 07

Brain Mat essential oils Sensory Integration Technique

Combining Essential oils and Sensory Integration techniques is a WIN WIN situation especially as it relates to children with special needs. It allows you to address some of the most common medical issues as well […]

May, 17

Brain Mat

The Brain Mat™ is the culmination of years of work trying to create a home program that will address the needs of my patients and others in the most efficient and cost effective manner. For […]

Jan, 22


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