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Brain Mat essential oils Sensory Integration Technique

Combining Essential oils and Sensory Integration techniques is a WIN WIN situation especially as it relates to children with special needs. It allows you to address some of the most common medical issues as well as the disordered Sensory Prcoessing that affects most of them.

I have all parents utilize a Sensory Ingegration Protocol as part of my Brain Mat Home Therapy Program and as I was doing that same protocol with my son a thought began to form. Why not combine essential oils that support the body systems that are out of balance with a specific application protocol that can easily be taught to parents or other caregivers. That thought led to development of the BRAIN MAT ESSENTIAL OILS SENSORY INTEGRATION TECHNIQUE.

As a physician who oversees Biomedical Plans it was easy to decide which body systems to focus on and from there I researched which oils would be the most effective, tolerated and also multi-task across several areas of concern. The application process just required some tweaking so that it could be used in different positions. As I put the finishing touches on this technique I realized how effective and time saving this was going to be for parents who are already crunched for time.

The eight oils are paired so that there are two being used to support each system, which includes DIGESTION, IMMUNE SYSTEM, PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM (the part of the autonomic nervous system that calms, aids digestion, and restores balance) and BRAIN SUPPORT (improving blood flow and cognitive functioning and calming the mind). If you look closely you will see that many have additive effects with the oil they are paired with and even oils that are being used to support a differrent system.

The application process is unique in that it integrates lots of sensory techniques along the way,especially joint compressions, which also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. The last set of oils are applied close to the area they are working to support and applied in a manner that enhances their effectiveness.

As a parent of a child with Autism I understand the need to have a regimen that is effective,efficient and is not complicated. This technique meets all of the requirements and I am very excited to have this as part of my daily routine and to be able to share with all of you. I will soon have a DVD available to demonstrate this protocol along with ways to modify based on your child’s sensitivities. Please check the website www.coastalintegrativemedicine.com in the next few weeks to find the DVD. You can go to the site now to find out information about the rest of the Brain Mat forms to purchase the oils if you do not already have them at home. You can purchase them directly from our site but it is more cost effective to open an account as you will want to continue using these oils over time. In addition to the discounted price you will be able to receive free oils monthly.


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