Dr. Lisa Rankin

And now…back to you Albert.

imageimageimage                                                                                  I have taken much longer than an hour but have finally come to what I feel is a good solution to that really BIG problem called Healthcare. It is Intellectually, Morally and Financially no longer possible to participate in any of the Government driven/supported programs. I do however want to continue to provide the high level of care you will NOT be receiving from providers who continue to participate. This is not for lack of ability or desire but simply logistics. You cannot provide any VALUABLE type of care in a 6 min visit. This is the  amount of time I would need to allot per patient in order to be financially solvent.

As a provider to many children and families with Autism and other special needs I realize that many of them rely on these programs for medical care and my desire to not abandon them to wolves  (AKA inferior Medical Care) has been the only impediment to opting out of this nonsense years ago. I have finally come to terms with the fact that if I have to stop providing care to everyone because I have allowed these government funded plans to bankrupt me then I have done everyone, including myself, a disservice.

As a long time supporter and user of Telemedicine in the form of online medical visits I realized that this is a platform that will allow me to continue to provide the level of care I aspire to and that my patients deserve. HealthTap has developed a system that will allow non-live medical consults similar to our evisit, live video visits that can be scheduled in 15 min increments as well as Text messaging monthly subscriptions. All of these interactions can be accessed from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and are done in a HIPPA compliant manner. Labs can be ordered and RX sent from HealthTap for patients in the state of florida but medical consults are available to patients all over the world. Those who become part of my Virtual Practice will be able to acccess all of these features and more. Best of all the government is no longer involved in the Doctor-Patient interaction and able to impede medical care. You can go to HealthTap and search for Dr Lisa Rankin or use the link above to go directly to my Virtual Practice. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.



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