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This article was written on 30 Jan 2015, and is filled under LisaRankin.

Bye- Bye Cheilitis

I am very, very excited about the new doTerra product Correct X

A few months ago I developed exfoliative cheilitis. With this condition there is recurrent swelling, cracking and peeling of the lips. The whole cycle can take 2 weeks and is ugly and painful. It is often idiopathic, which means we have no idea why this is happening to you. All my cultures were negative, vitamin levels normal and no prescription topicals worked.

I began to ingest Hellchrysum in a veggie cap and apply topically with fractionated cocconut oil in a roller ball. Bye-Bye Cheilitis. This new product simplifies my regimen and can replace other products in your medicine cabinet. Best of all it is petroleum free. #doTerra essential oils #exfoliative cheilitis # coastal integrative medicine

enhanced wound healing with doTerra Correct x

enhanced wound healing with doTerra Correct x



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